Sindhi Channels! Defaming the sindhi culture!

•April 10, 2008 • 4 Comments

The Sindhi channels like KTN group and Sindh TV, are showing  in the dramas and songs are trying to show that they are taking good care of their culture!!!

But the situation is adverse, what they are showing does not reveal the sindhi culture at all!

most of the models are  Panjabi, are bieng exposed physically  in the video songs…the sindhi culture would not have allowed that at all?

Please familiarize the issue to as many sindhies as u can, wchich is attempting to demolish our culture..


Parts of Karachi(The City Of light) into chaos!

•April 10, 2008 • 1 Comment
  • Five bodies taken out of the building set ablaze by the angry mob!
  • Around fifty vehicles torched!

The five people lost their lives, inside Tahir plaza a building near city Court housing lawyers’ offices, after a spat between two groups of lawyers!!!

Now do u the these lawyer evaluate law and can provide justice??

they are commenting the crime themselves!! then who will take care of the Judiciary of Pakistan??

MQM alleged that its lawyers were attacked by Karachi Bar Association!

and Karachi Bar Association, by rebutting the claim, said they had been attacked by the rivals who barged into the KBA office!

now Who is True??? 😀


New Government Faces Budget Defecit and a bundle of problems!

•April 10, 2008 • Leave a Comment

The political condition of Pakistan is critical, its going through the large economic down turn…….The major problem like terrorists activities, bombasts, Street Crime like cell mugging………

Now who is responsible for all these is still blurring????

Can u tell me Who is responsible???? 😀

The second problem is of Inflation, which has increased recently around 25%, which is directly hindering the survival of poor.

The new government is talking about the Technological advancements, educational developments…n so, what about these poor people? whose even basic biological needs are not fulfilled such as food shelter and clothing, how can they think about Education and Technology?


What if ur worried?

•April 7, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Worrying about something is the common among most of us:D

And worries and Tension are the root cause of the many fatal diseases!

One question still arises in all of our minds that how to get rid of it?

here is what i do in the times of stress:-)

  • I take the help of physical exercise at my home
  • i do some aerobic exercises esp  breathing exercises
  • or take  a tour outside in the evening

Temme is is it so???

n What do u do in such situations??